Dear Entrepreneurs,

Profitability of an ecommerce business isn't only dependent on marketing and PPC; it is affected significantly by sourcing, logistics and quality control.

Presenting the first Global Sources Virtual Summit focused entirely on helping you optimize your supply chain to increase profitability.

When done it right, it can immediately increase your bottomline, leaving you more dollars for marketing and PPC. Finding the right supplier, negotiating the best price, and great communication are keys to success.

Shipping costs are through the roof, ports are congested, trucks are not available, Amazon's storage fees are higher than ever. In today's day and age, if you don't optimize your logistics and shipping, you are going to find it extremely hard to manage profits.
Quality Control

Quality control is the one thing that can make or break your sales on Amazon. We all know how bad reviews can have an adverse affect on sales.
At the upcoming Global Sources Virtual Summit, you will learn:

  • How to optimize your business supply chain with increased pressure on global shipping
  • Proven strategies for negotiating with suppliers
  • How real brands are navigating the logistics chaos
  • Advanced sourcing strategies for finding better suppliers & pricing
  • Controlling Return Rate
  • Sourcing from alternative markets such as Mexico
  • Profit optimization with inventory management
And more...

Get ready for a LIVE & FREE 2-day virtual conference. Learn from global ecommerce experts how to enhance your supply chain.